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sparkle crafts: four crafts that inspire wonder

March 6, 2019
sparkle crafts: four crafts that inspire wonder

Inspiring wonder is easy to do with natural materials. Nature has away of being mysterious and inspiring us to explore whole new worlds. Try four of our favorite nature crafts that will get you outside and wondering about the world around you in new ways.

mushroom spore printing| www.sparklestories.com| martin & sylvia's nature school

Mushroom Spore Print

Mushroom spores are wonderous things. They float on the wind to new places to make more mushrooms. Try this craft to make art from spores. Experiment with different mushrooms to see the various colors of mushroom spores!

Find the tutorial HERE

tracking kc 4


My current obsession is finding and identifying animal tracks — thinking about where they've been, where they are going, and finding out where they live. It's all very exciting and helps me to see the natural would from a whole new point of view.

Find the tutorial HERE

evergreen brushes kc 4

Evergreen Paint Brushes

Painting with natural materials is a great way to explore new textures and ways of laying down paint. Each kind of pine needle creates a different effect, making each stroke unique.

Find the tutorial HERE

firefly habitats 11 | www.sparklestories.com| so many fairies

Firefly Habitat

The first time I saw fireflies I was eight years old and it was one of the most magical moments of my childhood. The next time I saw fireflies I was 18 — and it was still just as magical and wonderful. If you have fireflies in your neck of the woods, try making a temporary habitat for them and explore the wonder and magic up close.

Find the tutorial HERE

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