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Storybox Playlist: Stories for Healthy Eating

Storybox Playlist: Stories for Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating. It's such a catch phrase these days. There are so many kinds of diets out there, but healthy eating should simply mean eating real food — fruits and vegetables as close to their original form as you can get. For example: have an apple instead boxed apple juice. Eating should be joyful and not stressful — and it also should not be boring. Healthy eating can also involve connection to the food itself and to the people you share it with.

The stories below were chosen to help inspire your family to eat not only fruits and vegetables, but also to learn where your food comes from and how to prepare it. Listen to our stories and try some of the healthy eating recipes from our Sparkle Kitchen. Let us know on Instagram or Facebook how your family eats healthy!

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A Kitchen of Canning

A Kitchen of Canning

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