Storybox Playlist
Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Festiveness

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Festiveness

Thanksgiving has just passed in the United States. In many countries around the world, the holiday season has begun. Here at Sparkle, we want to help your family get inspired. We've rounded up a few stories from several different series to inspire a season of festivity, community, and giving.

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The Cooper and the Winter Oak

The Cooper and the Winter Oak

Twelve Tales of a Tullyport Christmas

The twelve stories follow the Tully family - along with other founding members of Tullyport, a colonial town on the Coast of Maine - as they create traditions and celebrations that are unique, delightful, and rich with community connection.

From the Christmas Drum to the Children's Wig Parade to the annual Twelfth Night lighting of the Tullyport Lighthouse, the people of this colonial town bring traditions from their homeland and mix them together into a perfect American tradition.

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Martin & Sylvia's Chistmastime

Enjoy these three stories from our Martin & Sylvia series! The stories follow the events that unfold over the weeks before Christmas as the creative brother and sister enjoy their favorite holiday traditions.

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Looking for more stories? Just search for Christmas on the website and you'll almost a 100 stories.

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