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Hello 'Waldorfy' Friends
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Episode 11
"Healthy Eating & Sleeping"

The Rainbow Table

The Rainbow Table

Episode 10

The Storying Project: Oakley and the Long Fog

Episode 9

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Screen Free Fun

This week we are encouraging all Sparklers to have a screen-free week. Screens can be fun and helpful in limited amounts, but there are so many other very fun things to do in the world. Here are some story suggestions in which the characters have lots of fun playing or crafting without screens.

Tips to Get Kids Off Screens

How do you get your family off screens? We cover the basics of what's worked in our own families, as well as practical tips, suggestions, and solutions!

77 Things to Do Instead of Screens

When kids are away from screens, that means they are free to explore nature, cultivate social connections and foster creativity — explore this list of 55 things to do instead of screens.

Episode 8
"Books, Literacy, & Waldorf"

Storybox Playlist: For the Love of Books

Books. It is one of life's great pleasures to sit on a lazy afternoon with your favorite beverage by your side reading a great book. Or to snuggle with your little ones and read their favorite picture books as they ooh and ahh for the hundredth time, wanting to hear the story again and again with endless enthusiasm.

Sparkle Craft: Simple Sewn Books

Make your own books, just like Martin & Sylvia in the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story "Explorer Pig."

Sparkle Team's Favorite Reads for Kids

We've compiled a list of books that our Sparkle team has read to their children or that their children are reading. It's broken down into three age brackets to help you decide what books might be work best for your family — but don't hesitate to break free of the mold if you'd like!

Episode 6

Storytelling as a Parenting Tool 101

Our understanding of the world is made up of the stories we have told and continue to tell. Here are some of our best tips for using the power of storytelling to give us context and help us grow.

Crafts to Inspire Storytelling (for Kids and Grown-ups too!)

We’ve gathered three of our favorite crafts, centered around creating space and inspiration for storytelling- for parents and kids alike! Explore these fun activities and let the creativity and storytelling flow!

Episode 5
"Wonder & Awe"

Stories to Inspire Wonder... and Hope

It can be easy to lose hope in today's world. One way to reconnect with what can seem like lost hope is to take a step back to see things from a bigger perspective. This sense of wonder is something that we can begin cultivating when our children are young!

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Nature's Wonder

Nature is wonderful! It's big. It's filled with every color imaginable. It can be exciting and scary, awesome and intense — all at once...

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Wonder

This playlist is filled with stories that will hopefully inspire connection, creativity, and a lot of happiness too.

Episode 4

Storybox Playlist: Cultivating Empathy Through Play

Recently, Sparkle Stories Spinner David Sewell McCann went live for a discussion with Tinkergarten’s Chief Learning Officer, Meghan Fitzgerald. The two discussed the developmental importance of — play! Why is making time for fun, play, and silliness for our little ones so important?

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Outdoor Play

Story and Play are intertwined — one always inspires the other. When children fully play, stories can help to frame, inspire, and inform their experience. In this way, play is a form of learning. When we tell stories, the listener wishes to act out the content…. and play.

Episode 2

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Rhythm

... I know that with all the kids at home, and parents too, you're all are seeking a new rhythm. We hope these five stories give you some inspiration!

Friday's Kind Words: Rhythm in Our Days

“Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to share how grateful I am as a mom for all the Sparkle Stories. One thing I am pleasantly surprised about is how much I enjoy the stories, how much I learn as mom about how to create rhythm in our days...” ~ Lauren (mom) and August (age 4)

Episode 1
"What's Waldorf?"

Seven Days of Developmentally Appropriate Stories for Kids (by age!)

The roots of Sparkle Stories are steeped in the philosophies of Waldorf education. Therefore, we aim to perfectly craft stories for a child’s age and developmental stage - because we know how important it is.

Featured Stories: Stories about Learning at Home

This week we've gathered a playlist of entirely free stories about learning at home. Whether it's dedicated homeschooling or just curiosity-driven afternoons in the backyard, these stories will have your kids inspired to explore and create.

Our Absolute Favorite Sparkle Stories
From Ashley (and Jasper!)

A ‘Waldorfy’ Playlist: Ashley Renwick’s Favorite Stories

Have you ever wondered about other Sparkle parents’s go-to stories? Ashley Renwick, creator and host of the Waldorfy Podcast and a long-time Sparkle Subscriber herself, walks us through some of her own favorite stories and how they fit into her families rhythms and routines! Read all about it below.

Why Audio? What are the benefits of audio stories for kids?

We want our stories to help the world go a little bit slower and be a little bit kinder. This is why all our stories are audio-only. Think about the characters from stories your parents read to you. Your imagination stitched their clothes, built their houses, and formed every expression on their faces. That's the magic of audio!

We are a TV/movie-free, Waldorf-y family, and the work you do has been so wonderful for us. As a parent, I feel like your stories truly benefit my children as well as entertaining them in a thoughtful, gentle, developmentally appropriate way.
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