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Sparkle Crafts: Festive Holiday Crafts Round Up

Sparkle Crafts: Festive Holiday Crafts Round Up

One of my favorite parts of the winter holiday season is making decorations. Buying plastic decorations (as sparkly and pretty as they can be) doesn't make me feel that great since I know eventually they will break and I won't be able fix them. Homemade decorations, on the other hand, are easily repaired and use recycled and natural materials. I've rounded up some of my favorite Sparkle crafts to help get your family in the mood to create rather than consume this season! Plus, if you make extras, you can give them away as gifts too!

solstice sun tree topper 12|| winter crafts

Solstice Sun Tree Topper

This tree topper brings a bright and sunny cheer to any holiday tree. It's made of real wool felt and will last for years and years.

Find the tutorial HERE.

vintage christmas songbook 9 || martin & sylvia more adventures!

Vintage Christmas Songbook

Nothing brings people together like holiday songs. People of all ages know favorite classic songs. If a family member plays the piano, you are all set to have your own home choir. Upcycle an old book and print out the sheet music for your family's favorite songs and you'll be on your way to a favorite tradition of singing songs each year.

Find the tutorial HERE.

woodblock menorah 11|| martin & sylvia

Wood Block Menorah

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, this children's menorah is a wonderful way to connect with the season of light.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Sparkle Fruit Ornament

Sparkling Fruit Ornaments

These ornaments are unbreakable and kid-friendly! All you need is some fruit and modge podge. Add some beautiful color to the grey of winter.

Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY Colorful Ice Garland Tutorial

Colorful Ice Garland

These ice garlands are fun and easy to make for kids. Little to no grown-up help is needed. Use food coloring or natural dyes like fruit juice and spices.

Find the tutorial HERE.

winter spiral1

The Winter Spiral

This winter spiral can be a whole family or even a community craft. Find out more in our tutorial about how to build and participate in this winter spiral.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Snowman Mug Buddies CC

Snowman Mug Buddies

These little mug buddies make great handmade gifts from little hands.

Find the tutorial HERE.

candle luminaries 3|| martin & syslvia's nature school

Candle Luminaries

Candle Luminaries are super-easy to make and smell amazing (being made of beeswax). They make great decorations or gifts.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Here are just a few more crafts we didn't have room for in our round-up graphic:

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