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sparkle crafts: nine sparkle art projects

sparkle crafts: nine sparkle art projects

I've rounded up some really fun crafts from our Sparkle archives! We've got bath paints and nature brushes, collaborative paintings and hidden trail art. Gather inspiration from some of our projects and go out and make your own. If you do, please share with us on Facebook or Instagram — or send a picture to us at


Outdoor Nature Art

Crafting art pieces with natural materials is super fun and easy, and it changes with the seasons. No need to stop when winter comes. Make fairy carin or weaving with natural materials

Find the tutorial HERE

Hidden Earth Art - Finn's leaves

Hidden Earth Art

Here is another easy and fun art project, which can be done on hike or walk through the park. Create some earth art for other hikers to find!

Find the tutorial HERE

Making an Out and About Art Box

On the Go Art Box

Art boxes are a necessity when doing lots of creative projects. This art box is an art project of it's own!

Find the tutorial HERE

collaborative splatter paint 13 || dry gables; good neighbors

Collaborative Splatter Paint

Splatter paint is super fun for kids of all ages (that means you too, grownups!) When both kids and their grownups collaborate, the paintings are twice the fun.

Find the tutorial HERE

evergreen brushes kc 4

Evergreen Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are essential for any artist. These evergreen brushes are easy to make with a stick, some green and some twine. Experiment with different conifers and see what happens!

Find the tutorial HERE


Homemade Bath Paints

Get messy and artsy while getting clean at the same time? Sound like a fun time of confusion that ends in everything going nicely down the drain. These shaving foam bath paints are easy for kids to make and fun to bathe with!

Find the tutorial HERE

Sparkle Stories - DIY Colorful Silhouettes

Colorful Silhouettes

These silouhettes are a lovely indoor art project for a rainy day. customize it by letting your child choose their favorite colors!

Find the tutorial HERE

recycled castle 12 || by thistle by thimble
DIY Recycled Castle

Recycled material art can be so much fun, the possiblities are are endless. Try out our castle tutorial and then make more things! Try adding a bridge and or cardboard cut out trees! Make a corral for the horse...

Find the tutorial HERE

maple watercolor notecards 12 || at home with martin & sylvia

Maple Watercolor Notecards

Sweet sticky and fun to paint with. I bet you've never tried using maple syrup to paint with! This tutorial with show you how.

Find the tutorial HERE

IMG 3120-2

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